The Secret of The Inside Numbers

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How about the Secret of the Inside Numbers?

The inside numbers are 5, 6, 8 and 9, which are the most popular numbers on the layout. Betting on this combination gives you 24 chances to win and only 6 chances to lose (on the seven), giving you a big four to one advantage!

Wanna know how craps pros profit from the inside numbers?

Let�s find out!

If you bet $44 inside you�ll have $10 each on the five and nine, and $12 each on the six and eight. You can regress each bet when it hits, and then take them all down when you get any three hits. It doesn�t matter if any of these numbers are the point when you start betting.

If your $10 five hits you�ll win $14. Keep $9 and regress it down to $5. Then if your $12 eight hits you�ll win $14. Keep $8 and then regress it down to $6. If the eight hits again you�ll win another $7 and then take all the bets down. You�ve just won $35!

If you�re at a hot table you can leave all the regressed bets up after any three hits. In the previous example you would have $5 on the five, $10 on the nine, $12 on the six and $6 on the eight. If the nine hits regress it down to $5 and if the six hits regress it to $6. You now have $56 in profit and $22 on the table, so you�re ahead no matter what happens.

A slight variation of this method is to bet $22 inside and leave everything up for any two hits and then take all of the bets down. If the table is really hot instead of taking the bets down you can press up the six and eight to $12 each and when you get any third hit, take everything down.

Next time you place any bets try this inside regression. It will minimize your losses when the seven shows, and give you profits with very little risk!

Pssst...! Now you know the secrets of the inside numbers!

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