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Casino and game cheats to help you win

There are many game options when you enter a casino, and finding one that will pay, is an even more difficult task than picking which game to play. Everyone has heard about the casino cheats and those who have been able to scam game attendants and machines out of thousands of dollars, but this is not advisable as like most of the cheats, you will get caught.

There have been many books written about tips to win at gambling games, so you are better off trying to beat the house edge by strategy rather than getting involved in some illegal scam. There is a history of illegal operations in casinos, especially in the big gambling joints, like Las Vegas. Las Vegas has a well-documented history of illegal operations and scams.


The slots are the casinos main attractions and money winners, and this statistic alone should make you wary of their potential as money winning devices. However, should you choose to play slots there are a few things to keep in mind before you pull that handle. The house advantage for the slot machines is around nine per cent, which is very high, so your chances are slim.

Keep in mind that you should always identify your machine. This means check out the progressive jackpots and look for the one with the best opportunities. Look for signs in the casino for the machines that claim to pay out big, if you are unsure where these slots are ask someone who works there.

Always play the maximum amount of coins, so if it is a quarter machine play quarters. It is also recommended that you cash your credits as opposed to playing them, as the machines has an 'in- built advantage' which will disappear quickly if you keep playing the credits. Remember the longer you stay the less it will pay, so move on if you are getting no wins.

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