7 Card Stud rules

The number of the participating players in 7 Card Stud can vary from two to ten. At the start of the game the dealer deals each player two cards, face down. You have to look at this so called "Hole Cards" but don't let anybody else see this cards. In 7 Card Stud they need to remain unknown to the opposing players. The next round of cards will be dealt Face Up. He then puts the pack face down in front of himself on the table. The player with the highest ranking upcard now makes the opening bet. Now you have to either Call or Raise to stay into the game. After all the bets are made the dealer deals another upcard to the remaining players. The second round of betting starts with the player holding the highest ranking hand with the two upcards. The player then has three choices. He can either Drop Out, Check or Bet. The rest of the players can either Stay, Play, Fold or Raise. The next round the dealer again deals another upcard to each player. Now you have three upcards and "The Holes" on the table in front of you. The third round of betting works exactly like the second. Two more rounds of dealing and betting follow. The seventh and last card will then again be dealt face down. The final betting round works just like the others except players can also choose to Call instead of Playing or Staying. After all betting is completed, the player with the highest hand with the upcards starts to turn over his hole cards. He and any other 7 card stud player may use any five of the seven dealt cards to get the highest possible hand. The gambler with the highest hand wins the pot in the middle.

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